Market New York


The Challenge

Marc Sherer, president and CEO of Event Management LLC, decided to hold the first-ever Market New York Expo to attract small business owners and executives from the greater New York City area. Market New York was developed as the offshoot event of a very successful and much larger free annual event, the New York Business Expo. The free event generally attracts more than 10,000 people, but with a registration fee, it was unclear as to how successful the new Market New York event would be. The goals of this first event were to garner media exposure for event sponsors and to attract at least 2,000 high-level professionals.

The Solution

Co-Communications developed an integrated PR and marketing strategy to officially announce the Market New York event, drive ticket sales and tout the impressive roster of marketing thought leaders and organizations involved with the event (i.e. Facebook, Yelp and Constant Contact). This strategy hinged on engaging speakers, sponsors and exhibitors to extend messaging about the value of this event with their prospective audiences. Co-Communications worked closely with event sponsors and thought leaders to develop a strategic and collaborative approach for media outreach and social media promotion.

Co-Communications drafted a set of emails, which Market New York then distributed to partners, inviting them to submit social media content and blog posts for consideration, and mapped out a timeframe for highlighting those posts with a week-by-week focus on specific education themes. Co-Communications also created recommended posts for partners to share with constituents to help promote their involvement with the event. Co-Communications tied the content together with the hashtag #MKTNY, which was included in all promotional materials, including event badges. In addition, Co-Communications developed a customized list of media contacts and an optimized press release announcing the event and personalized pitches for reporters.

The Results

The event was a huge success, drawing nearly 3,000 guests – 60 percent of whom were company founders, owners, presidents or partners. Media outreach efforts developed robust SEO for Market New York leading up to the event.

Social media engagement rose steadily over the course of the month leading up to Market New York and exploded on May 29, the day of the event, with conversations between speakers and attendees about key learnings during the event, excited tweets from participating exhibitors, fun photos from participants, and more.

The #MKTNY Twitter hashtag was delivered to timelines 139,473 times and reached an estimated 58,303 accounts, just during the week of the Market New York event. Social media analytics results showed that 86% of tweets with the #MKTNY hashtag expressed a strong passion for the event.

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