01 May 2017

Buying and leasing in a snap: new media for househunters

As seen in Fairfield County Business Journal and Westchester County Business Journal The way that real estate is bought and sold is changing, thanks in part to the growing popularity of Snapchat, which had 158 million active daily users at the close of 2016. In neighboring New York City, a small group of real estate

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25 Apr 2017

4 stumbles that keep influencers from engaging with your brand

As seen on Ragan.com  Gone are the days when journalists were the only editorial contacts on your media list. Today, media lists encompass not only editors, reporters, anchors and on-air personalities, but bloggers and online influencers who have cultivated loyal online followings around a specific genre. (For more information on the role of bloggers on

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30 Mar 2017

5 quotes to inspire and inform your marketing campaigns

As seen on Ragan.com The mental block. Hitting the creative wall. We’ve all been there: You need a great idea to propel your company’s or cause’s marketing, and you’re completely frozen. As you try to get your creative juices flowing, it’s important to keep the fundamentals of great marketing in mind. Here are five great

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