31 May 2012

Nonprofit Communications: The Importance of Knowing Your Audiences

Volunteers. Media. Event Sponsors. Key Funders. Strategic Partners. Staff. Board Members. Each plays a critical yet unique role in the success of nonprofit organizations. As unique as these roles, are the communication preferences of these audiences. Each quantifies success differently and each requires different information to effectively fulfill their role. How does one effectively address

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09 May 2012

3 Ways to Make Your Tweets Retweetable

As see on Twitter’s most valuable attribute is its ability to share timely information with key audiences. Whether a trade organization commissions a new study, a nonprofit reaches a fundraising milestone, or a company announces a new hire, Twitter allows businesses, nonprofits and individuals to spread the news and build online buzz in a

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01 May 2012

5 communication essentials for every nonprofit

As seen on  It may seem basic, but no plan will succeed without objectives, message points, and a way to measure success. By Danielle M. Cyr My colleague Jessica and I recently led a workshop on nonprofit communication plans for members of the Connecticut Association of Nonprofits. For those who didn’t attend, we wanted

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